SEMIC Sidekick General Introduction


See all SEMIC Sidekick details, the magic AI bot for all your needs!

SEMIC RF launches SEMIC Sidekick, the magic AI bot which can fulfil your operational and industrial needs. The SEMIC Sidekick understands human communication which allows it to act like your personal assistant or your sidekick. It understands your requirements as well as your organisation as a whole and takes into consideration all external environmental factors such as your geography, customer base and the law of the land. This allows it to act efficiently to fulfil your needs with just a simple chat message to it.

The SEMIC Sidekick has a multitude of capabilities to support you and your organisation in every way possible. This gives the SEMIC Sidekick endless applicability and the best part is, SEMIC Sidekick learns from your organisation and grows, which allows it to serve you more and more efficiently as you use it.

Now something this capable must be hard to use, but not SEMIC Sidekick. SEMIC Sidekick is based on a simple chat interface. Just talk to it like a regular person, even better yet just sent it a recording of your voice if you do not feel like typing. SEMIC Sidekick is designed to comprehend human verbal communication and text messages and understand them just like a regular human can. It can also understand different languages which allows people from all around the world to use it without being restricted to a single language.

SEMIC Sidekick functions just like a personal assistant, the user can just ask it to set up meetings on their behalf. SEMIC Sidekick will be able to scan your schedule for when you are available and will use those dates as a basis of setting up meeting. It creates a schedule using the users free timeslots as well as the customers free timeslot and generates a schedule report. SEMIC Sidekick can also be asked to allocate or block resources from taking leaves or other tasks for a specified duration.

SEMIC Sidekick will scan the organisation for available resources for that specified timeslot. It will then proceed to block the timeslots for those executives so they will not be given other tasks during that particular period. SEMIC Sidekick will also update this information to the user’s pre-existing Human Resource (HR) Software. The SEMIC Sidekick will also prepare for plan B based on priority. It will allocate resources as backup to ensure business continuity even in the case of emergencies.

SEMIC Sidekick can perform Customer Relationship Management (CRM) activities for your organisation. For example, a user can ask SEMIC Sidekick to send out their product brochure to all their clients. SEMIC Sidekick will analyse the user’s requirement and will search the user’s files for that particular product brochure. It can also scan visiting cards and add them to the users contact database making contact management easier. SEMIC Sidekick can also read and understand documentation such as pdfs, word and excel files and can extract information from them. It takes all of this information and can also write down that information on a document such as a pdf for the user to view and review. It doesn’t just stop there, after storing your contact information SEMIC Sidekick can also interact with the user’s contacts by sending them emails and comprehending their replies. It also takes in the responses the user receives and sets up a query-able database. For example, the user can ask SEMIC Sidekick how many customers have responded to the email or how many of them have accepted the request for a meeting.

SEMIC Sidekick assist with sales activities for your organisation. For example, SEMIC Sidekick can generate leads for your product. SEMIC Sidekick will analyse the product and with the users help attempt to understand the nature of the product and its applicability. This information is absorbed by SEMIC Sidekick’s deep learning centre so it may draw relevance from other similar products and establish the potential of the user’s product. After understanding the product SEMIC Sidekick will ask the user for their preferred prospect base to centre its search parameters on. This allows it to understand which industries to focus on and target those industries exclusively working exactly like an employee of the user’s salesforce. It will then further optimise its search by taking the users specified geography to focus on to use that region as a base for generating leads. Once its parameters have been set SEMIC Sidekick will be able to dig out leads in record speeds providing the user with thousands of leads which would have taken weeks and a lot of man hours to produce in just a few minutes. SEMIC Sidekick generates leads through the internet and its own lead bank which it updates regularly with new leads that crop up. It will shortlist the leads and document them in the form of a PDF for the user to view. The user may also ask SEMIC Sidekick to automatically email the newly found leads with the product brochure or to request an appointment.

SEMIC Sidekick can also perform Accounting for a user’s organisation. Its algorithm allows it to record and process accounting transactions within functional modules such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, journal, general ledger, payroll, and trial balance. It also functions as an accounting information system. For example, a user needs to just take pictures of the billings and other relevant information and ask SEMIC Sidekick to generate a balance sheet with the given data. SEMIC Sidekick will immediately scan the documents and extract information from them. Due to its deep learning algorithm, it will be able to draw from references in its database to gauge the nature of the bill and classify it from an accounting standpoint. This allows it to make a balance sheet in a matter of minutes. SEMIC Sidekick is also capable of understanding the law of the land and taxation rules which also allows it to automatically do the taxes for your entire organisation and improve an organisations tax returns.