SEMIC Virtual Physician Assistant®


Application:  Follow-Up for inside and outside hospital patients

Follow-up is contacting a patient or caregiver at a later time, specified date checking on the patient's progress since the last appointment. Appropriate follow-up can help identify misunderstandings and questions answer, or make further assessments and adjust treatments. In addition, follow-up helps to promote a good working relationship between physicians and patients.

Main Features:

- Automatically records patients' examination
- Assists rounding and helps in therapy
- Investigates based on history, current condition, comparative data
- Diagnosis based on millions of patient cases
- Suggests therapies
- Handles complaints
- Executes counseling
- Arranges procedures
- Supports medication, prescription, transaction
- Complies with prediction, prevention & comparison
- Creates analysis from millions of members
- Assembles medical supplies
- Automatically creates a patient health profile
- Automatically creates risk alerts, drug alerts, health alerts, and more

Health Intelligence Power

- Captures patient condition through voice messages in any world language
- Understands handwriting diagnosis prescriptions
- Understands images of the surgical environment, body parts, body movements, eye movements, allergies, or other causes
- Automatically reads and processes X-ray, ECG, USG, CT/MRI, information about blood pressure, blood sugar, heartbeat, and more, depending on the context as part of patient onboarding
- Can safely redeem patients' prescriptions
- Advises physicians, patients, and researchers on the latest treatments and diseases based on cause and effect
- With the push of a button, the patient can trigger secure information access of his patient record to selected physicians, emergency, pharma, and more
- Patients can involve parents and siblings in the information process and find out about hereditary diseases and the resulting historical consequences.

Health Intelligence Research and Deep Factoring Enables

- Today, trillions of health treatment analytics are accessible at a click of a button
- Pharma with analysis of use and impact
- Treatment, rounding, and procedural analytics
- Cause and effect with comparative  analytics
- Health improvement analysis
- Worse, Better, and Best procedure inference
- Creation of a digital patient twin monitoring the health conditions

Trillions of Reports, Statistics, and Analytics Available in Seconds!

- Create user-defined research reporting
- Get billions of statistics in seconds
- Allow the system to learn from data
- Create intelligent graphs for cure and medication
- Discover unknown diseases
- Discover drug statistics
- Create prediction charts
- Discover prevention data
- Time Travel and see the patient’s future and past

Common World Language Processing

SEMIC Virtual Physician Assistant® include a real-time voice manager performing the proprietary technology we call “Natural Personal Voice Processing” (NPVP), assuring that one can communicate with all contacts worldwide using one mother tongue, which is then automatically translated into the language of the participant in real-time, e.g. if one speaks to a Japanese in native English, this contact will receive the English content translated into Japanese in real time and vice versa. SEMIC Virtual Physician Assistant® can even mimic the natural voice of all humans communicating during a conference call.

Safety & Privacy

None of the processed data is passed on to third parties but remains exclusively with the end user. The sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship maintains at all times and ensured by our proprietary “Sterile Computing”. Thanks to our proprietary P2P architecture, all our High-End AI products cannot be hacked nor intercepted at any time.

Health Accounts and Legal

- Keeps track of health expenditure book
- Automatically collects patient insurance record
- Automatically collects legal input
- Gives valuable advice on services
- Can alert patients to the best drug options available
- Shops directly with the app
- Prescriptions are processed digitally and with a digital certificate
- Allows financial assistance and grants
- Informs about resources available abroad