SEMIC Virtual Pharma Assistant®


Application: Prescription of medications based on daily updated status

Prescribing is the most important to physicians to cure illness, relieve symptoms and prevent future diseases. It is also a complex intellectual task that requires formulation of an appropriate treatment regimen from the many thousands available, considering the infinite variation in the patients they encounter. Unfortunately, the selection of medicine, side effects, chronic ailment, and dosage regimen is sometimes suboptimal, leading to poor patient outcomes (e.g. treatment failure, avoidable adverse reactions, and more).

SEMIC Virtual Pharma Assistant® collects from medical journals and medical books updates daily about the availability of the latest and recently released drugs on the worldwide market.

SEMIC Virtual Pharma Assistant® supports hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry as follows:

Drug Discovery:
SEMIC Virtual Pharma Assistant® accelerates new drug discovery by analyzing big data to identify patterns and potential active ingredients. SEMIC Virtual Pharma Assistant® optimizes drug design, predicts drug efficiency, and reduces time and cost to bring new drugs to market.

Drug Management:
SEMIC Virtual Pharma Assistant® helps hospitals manage their drug inventory by predicting drug usage patterns and identifying potential shortages or overstocks. This information is important in optimizing medication ordering and reducing waste.

Drug Safety:
SEMIC Virtual Pharma Assistant® improves drug safety by analyzing patient data to identify potential drug interactions, adverse effects, and medication errors at an early stage. This information is used to prevent medication errors and ensure patient safety.

Prescription Optimization:
SEMIC Virtual Pharma Assistant® supports hospitals in optimizing prescriptions based on analysis of patient data to determine the most effective medications and dosages for specific conditions. This information is needed to develop personalized treatment plans and reduce the risk of side effects.

Personalized Medicine:
SEMIC Virtual Pharma Assistant® develops personalized medicines by analyzing patient data to identify genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors influencing response to a specific medication. This information is needed to structure personalized medical treatment plans and dosages.

SEMIC Virtual Pharma Assistant® optimizes drug manufacturing by monitoring production processes, identifying potential quality problems, and predicting equipment failures.

Drug Pricing:
SEMIC Virtual Pharma Assistant® can help hospitals manage drug prices by analyzing market trends while identifying opportunities for cost savings. This information is required to negotiate lower prices with drug manufacturers, reducing costs for insurers and patients.

Fraud Detection:
SEMIC Virtual Pharma Assistant® detects fraudulent drug prescriptions by analyzing prescription data and identifying suspicious patterns. This information is needed to prevent fraud and ensure the integrity of the healthcare system at all times.

Clinical Trials:
SEMIC Virtual Pharma Assistant® optimizes clinical trials by identifying appropriate patients, predicting patient outcomes, and determining optimal dosing and treatment protocols. SEMIC Virtual Pharma Assistant® monitors patients in real-time and immediately detects adverse events.

Regulatory Compliance:
SEMIC Virtual Pharma Assistant® ensures regulatory compliance by analyzing data and identifying potential safety issues, adverse events, and drug interactions.

SEMIC Virtual Pharma Assistant® breakthrough technology has the potential to revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry by optimizing drug development and management, efficiency, safety, and affordability in hospitals, clinical trials, and patient care, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes and lower healthcare costs.