SEMIC Virtual Hospital®


Application: Rounding for hospital patients

Typically, a group of physicians, residents, and other team members make "rounds" daily in the morning to see how each patient is doing, an ideal time to discuss the patient’s medical care, progress, and steps toward discharge.

Main Features

- Automatically records patient's examination
- Assists rounding and helps in therapy
- Investigates based on history, current condition, comparative data
- Diagnosis based on millions of patient cases
- Suggests therapies
- Handles complaints
- Executes counseling
- Arranges procedures
- Supports medication, prescription, transaction
- Complies with prediction, prevention & comparison
- Creates analysis from millions of members
- Assembles medical supplies
- Automatically creates a patient health profile
- Automatically creates risk alerts, drug alerts, health alerts

Health Communication

- Allows remote physicians to examine patients via video, audio, restricted video calls (e.g. face hidden)
- Gets a safe second opinion
- Displays health status live via IOT connection
- Can interface with the National Health Records database to obtain the most current information on the existing disease picture
- Examining postmortem cases
- Patients can retrieve or delete information from other devices at any time
- Embedded total free speech feature means that patients can communicate in any common world languages with their physicians

Common World Language Processing

SEMIC Virtual/Hospital® includes a real-time voice manager performing our proprietary technology we call “Natural Personal Voice Processing” (NPVP), meaning that one can communicate with all contacts worldwide using one mother tongue, which is then automatically translated into the language of the participant in real-time, e.g. if one speaks to a Japanese in native English, this contact will receive the English content translated into Japanese in real time and vice versa. SEMIC Virtual/Hospital® can even mimic the natural voice of all humans communicating during a conference call.

Health Accounts and Legal

- Keeps track of health expenditure book
- Automatically collects the patient's insurance record
- Automatically collects legal input
- Gives valuable advice on services
- Can alert patients to the best drug options available
- Shops directly with the app
- Prescriptions are processed digitally and with a digital certificate
- Allows financial assistance and grants
- Informs about resources available abroad

SEMIC Virtual Hospital® key advantage with Alzheimer’s

Early Detection:
SEMIC Virtual Hospital® can predict Alzheimer's up to 15 years before the onset of the disease by analyzing large amounts of patient data, including medical records, brain images, and genetic information. SEMIC Virtual Hospital® identifies subtle changes in brain structure and function that may indicate Alzheimer's disease before symptoms appear.

Differential Diagnosis:
SEMIC Virtual Hospital® helps distinguish Alzheimer's disease from other conditions that may have similar symptoms, such as depression or even Parkinson's disease. Very important for healthcare stakeholders to develop personalized treatment plans to improve patient outcomes.

Personalized Treatment:
SEMIC Virtual Hospital® develops personalized treatment plans for Alzheimer's based on the patient's unique profile and analyzes patient data to recommend the most effective medications and dosages, as well as non-pharmacological interventions such as exercise, cognitive training and more.

Disease Progression:
SEMIC Virtual Hospital® tracks the progression of Alzheimer's by analyzing patient data over time, helping healthcare providers monitor the effectiveness of treatments and adjust treatment plans as needed.

Clinical Trials:
SEMIC Virtual Hospital® accelerates Alzheimer's clinical trials by identifying eligible patients and predicting their outcomes. This cutting-edge technology reduces the time and cost of developing new treatments for this devastating disease.

Why can SEMIC Virtual Hospital® do all this?

Proprietary High-End AI SEMIC EMILI® does not use any third-party technology. Here is the essential difference to all of our High-End AI products, which distinguishes us from everyone else:

SEMIC EMILI® learns next to the Internet from medical textbooks and medical journals, building intuition. SEMIC EMILI® has deep remembrance and artificial intuition. SEMIC EMILI® incorporates AI by reference, intuition, and deep memory. SEMIC EMILI® can perform reverse and parallel neural networking with reverse traversal, key facts why we call our products “High-End AI” solutions.