SEMIC Magic/Hospitals®


Over 6 billion of the world’s population does not have Cogent Medical History.
Managed Medical History can prevent 70% of fatalities.
Illiteracy is a significant cause of many diseases and deaths.

SEMIC Magic/Hospitals® helps patients to manage all health issues in sync with their physicians:

  • Automatically connects patients in need with physicians and medical professionals, also known as patient onboarding
  • Supports all wearables like TechSkin - Bioelectronic shirt collars, shoes, baby clothes, and more
  • Generates a Digital Patient Twin ensuring continuous health monitoring 7/24/365


SEMIC Magic/Hospitals® offers each patient automatic access to the full spectrum of Health Care Services as:

  • Emergency to well being
  • Therapy with alternative medicine
  • Disease management in assisted living
  • Surgery to post-care surveillance
  • Diagnosis to cure
  • Patient onboarding
  • Local to international consultation
  • Analysis of comparative treatment
  • In time to in need
  • High-End AI based prediction and statistics
  • Self-help to similar condition meetings
  • Pharma to grocery support
  • Wearable to volunteers' support
  • Medical tourism to effective treatment
  • Online face-to-face calls
  • Arranges online meetings for tutorials


SEMIC Magic/Hospitals® takes care of Common Pain Points that are missing:

  • Lack of medical documentation that is continuous, coherent, logical, and updated with increasing research
  • No comparative analysis between cases
  • No volunteers, no resource pool, or help
  • No universal knowledge base about disease, condition, prevention, and protocols
  • No medicine and cure statistics or side effects based on conditions
  • No collaborative treatment
  • Physicians/patients are unable to obtain treatment statistics from around the world
  • Treatment without understanding the economic angle of a patient
  • No available AI-based support which automatically can talk on behalf of patients to friends, physicians, paramedics, or shop once the patient is sick


SEMIC Magic/Hospitals® powered by High-End AI SEMIC EMILI® supports:

  • Automatically records patients' examination
  • Assists rounding and helps in therapy
  • Investigates based on history, current condition, comparative data
  • Diagnosis based on millions of patient cases
  • Suggests therapies
  • Handles complaints
  • Executes counselling
  • Arranges procedures
  • Supports medication, prescription, and transaction
  • Complies with prediction, prevention, and comparison
  • Creates analysis from millions of members
  • Assembles medical supplies
  • Automatically creates a patient health profile
  • Automatically creates risk alerts, drug alerts, health alerts, and many more


SEMIC Magic/Hospitals® comes with integrated High-End Health Intelligence Power:

  • Automatically answers all communication calls
  • Organizes all necessary measures before an operation automatically
  • Manages patients, medical suppliers, and hospital employees
  • Automatically browses the Internet performing medical E-commerce processing
  • Analyzes and performs complex medical decision-making processes
  • Creates B2B partner relationships for medical product interactions
  • Deploys hospital–patient relationships starting with onboarding, admission, rounding, and discharge, executes all reporting, and follows-up with patients after discharge daily, reminding them of taking their medications, checking their general conditions, etc.
  • Creates a dashboard sharing key contents with all physicians in charge
  • Screens patients and shares results with all stakeholders in charge
  • Automatically reads PDF, Word, Excel, image files, etc., and processes X-ray, ECG, USG, CT/MRI scans, collects information about blood pressure, blood sugar, heartbeat, etc., depending on the context as part of patient onboarding
  • Identifies:
    - Heart attack symptoms
    - Stroke symptoms
    - Renal failure symptoms
    - Gall bladder, gall stones, and kidney stones
    - Renal diseases and more
  • Creates a legally compliant patient file depending on the legal regulations of the laws of the country and records the entire patient-physician communication
  • Communicates NPVP* in all common languages (user selectable)
  • Detects real colors
  • Diversifies between children and adult patients
  • Operational system features can be modified by voice command at any time
  • Captures patient condition through voice messages in any world language
  • Understands handwriting diagnosis prescriptions
  • Understands images of the surgical environment, body parts, body movements, eye movements, allergies, or other causes
  • Can safely redeem patients' prescriptions
  • Advises physicians, patients, and researchers on the latest treatments and diseases based on cause and effect
  • With the push of a button, the patient can trigger secure information access of his patient record to selected physicians, emergency, pharma, etc.
  • Patients can involve parents and siblings in the information process to find out about hereditary diseases and the resulting historical consequences
  • Examines postmortem cases


SEMIC Magic/Hospitals® Health Communication

  • Allows remote physicians to examine patients via video, audio, restricted video calls (e.g. face hidden)
  • Receiving a safe second opinion
  • Displays health status live via IOT connection
  • Can interface with the National Health Records database to obtain the most current information on the existing disease picture
  • Patients can retrieve or delete information from other devices at any time
  • Embedded total free speech feature means that patients can communicate in any common world languages with their physicians


Common World Language Processing

*SEMIC Magic/Hospitals® includes a real-time voice manager performing the proprietary technology we call “Natural Personal Voice Processing” (NPVP), assuring that one can communicate with all contacts worldwide using one mother tongue, which is then automatically translated into the language of the participant in real-time, e.g. if one speaks to a Japanese in native English, this contact will receive the English content translated into Japanese in real time and vice versa. SEMIC Magic/Hospitals® can even mimic the natural voice of all humans communicating during a conference call.


Safety & Privacy

None of the processed data is passed on to third parties but remains exclusively with the end user. The sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship maintains at all times and ensured by our proprietary “Sterile Computing”. Thanks to our proprietary P2P architecture, all our High-End AI products can’t be hacked nor intercepted at any time.



Proprietary color-coding technology enables SEMIC EMILI® to detect all natural colors in real-time, which e.g. makes observation on the contents of a urine bag or examinations of operated body sites of great importance after kidney transplants and other.


Health Accounts and Legal

  • Keeps track of health expenditure book
  • Automatically collects patient insurance record
  • Automatically collects legal input
  • Gives valuable advice on services
  • Can alert patients to the best drug options available
  • Shops directly with the app
  • Prescriptions are processed digitally and with a digital certificate
  • Allows financial assistance and grants
  • Informs about resources available abroad


SEMIC Magic/Hospitals® Key Features to make all this happen:

Proprietary High-End AI SEMIC EMILI® does not use any third-party technology. Here is the essential key difference to all of our High-End AI products, which distinguishes us from everyone else: SEMIC EMILI® learns next to the Internet from medical textbooks and medical journals, building intuition. SEMIC EMILI® has deep remembrance and artificial intuition. SEMIC EMILI® incorporates AI by reference, intuition, and deep memory. SEMIC EMILI® can perform reverse and parallel neural networking with reverse traversal, key facts why we call our products “High-End AI” solutions.