SEMIC Emergency Voice Recorder® (EVR)


Application: Automated voice communication recordings of all participants during an operation
Additional use as handheld radio (portable two-way radio)

SEMIC Emergency Voice Recorder® (EVR) can store a complete communication record of all surgeons, assistants, and nurses during a procedure in the operating room and automatically remind all medical professionals of the actions to take to effectively and successfully perform the necessary surgical procedures and determine the most effective treatment methods for the patient.

SEMIC EVR® automatically transcribes all of the protagonist's utterances, giving those involved the ability to analyze what was said, identify memories, and secure other necessary actions, such as when a surgeon needs to administer a specific medication after a successful operation or when a medical instrument needs to wait first before being used again.

SEMIC EVR® can automatically activate key medical procedure workflows to ensure that they are scheduled before an upcoming surgery. By recording and transcribing the comments of everyone involved, SEMIC EVR® can unify the need for additional manual and automatic read information, allowing surgeons and everyone involved to focus on their respective tasks. It helps ensure the accuracy and completeness of the entire surgical procedure and reduces the risk of careless errors or inadvertently overlooked other measures that would otherwise have a suboptimal impact on continued patient care.

In addition, SEMIC EVR® can help ensure that critical workflows are not overlooked by turning surgeon comments into actionable steps and reminders. In the fast-paced environment of operating theaters, it isn't easy to follow the track of the procedure with all the necessary actions. SEMIC EVR® can activate reminders such as sterilization, medication schedule, or medical and surgical equipment maintenance to ensure that a complete surgical procedure is performed on time and in the correct sequence without complications.

SEMIC EVR® can also be used as a portable two-way radio (walkie-talkie) if a surgeon during his operation needs to make an emergency call to another physician, nurse, pharmacist, paramedic, etc. not available in the operating theatre, for example, to ask for an immediate provision of a missing medical device or instrument, or the delivery of a specific unit of blood immediately.

Another benefit of SEMIC EVR® is that it standardizes surgical workflows and patient care by automatically aggregating information from multiple surgeons. It allows SEMIC EVR® to identify best practices and initiate additional suggestions for improvement. A resulting, general definition of standardization for a specific surgery can help limit errors, increase operation efficiency, and ultimately achieve highly optimized treatment outcomes.